Critical Communications Antenna Fundamentals

This course introduces the student to radio transmissions and antenna fundamentals. Modules include an overview of radio transmission and how transmitters and receivers work, an overview of wave propagation and radio antenna systems. Students will acquire a basic understanding of antenna systems theory.

4 hours – 10.00am-12.00pm (AEST)
Wednesday 22 July
Wednesday 29 July

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Managing Director, CartGiS Pty Ltd
CartGiS Pty Ltd
Chris Stevens is Managing Director of CartGiS Pty Ltd, an emergency management, GIS and Mapping and communications consultancy company based in Melbourne. Chris has extensive experience in LMR network design, planning and implementation as well as GIS and mapping application design and commissioning. Chris is an industry leader in systems integration, thinking outside the box and providing client centric outcomes aimed at information sharing and interoperability. CartGIS Pty Ltd also specialises in bespoke training and education for the critical communication community. Chris has extensive qualifications and experience in secondary, tertiary and workplace training and education, which coupled with his communication experience, delivers industry and client focused outcomes. Chris has been the National Lifesaving Communications Advisor to Surf Life Saving Australia since 2011. This role is in an elected volunteered capacity and he chairs the respective national communications working group. As National Lifesaving Communications Advisor, Chris is responsible for advising the states and territories on their operational communications networks as well as formulating national interoperability and business continuity strategies. Chris is also a member of the ARCIA committee, where he convenes the training committees and has been responsible for recent industry advancements in training and education.

Introduction to Radio Transmission 
What is radio communication
Frequency bands

Understanding Radio Equipment
Radio transmitters
Carriers & modulation
Radio receivers

Radio Wave Propagation
Maxwell & Waves
Wave attenuation
Free space loss and absorption|
Reflections & multi-paths
Radio horizons

Radio Antenna Systems
How antennas work
Antenna types
Antenna gain & bandwidth
Antenna polarisation
Antenna resonance
 Transmission lines
Common antenna configuration
Grounding overview
Antenna testing


$700 +GST

    Event Details
    4 hours - 2x2 sessions

    Wednesday 22 July 2020: 10.00am-12.00pm
    Thursday 29 July 2020: 10.00am-12.00pm