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Radio Communications 101
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$75 per session
The Comms Connect Virtual Conference Series will deliver a high quality program of speakers each Thursday in November. Brought to you by the team that has led the industry in live event experiences and content for over 14 years, this...
$1750 +GST
November 23, 2020
This course provides a deep understanding of the true role and expectations of line bosses, as well as virtual bosses, across the organisation. Techniques are provided to align with their boss’s true requirements. It also provides practical tools and strategies to reduce organisational conflict from competing priorities from multiple bosses and provides strategies to effectively communicate and escalate issues and ideas. Attendees will use case studies and real-world examples to build up a Influencer plan that includes practical templates to use back in the office.
$1450+ GST
This course introduces the student to radio communications and associated technologies. Modules include an overview of radio service as a transmission media, how transmitters and receivers work, an overview of wave propagation and radio antenna systems. The information is introductory in nature and designed for all audiences. Students will acquire a basic understanding of radio communications theory.
$1750 +GST
This course provides a practical framework to help to plan and have a potentially emotional conversation with brutal honesty while protecting personal relationships. Conversations are real-time and technical people often struggle in-the-moment. The practical framework-based structure with conversational models fast-tracks the delegates to initiate critical conversations safely and provides recovery strategies to get the conversation back on a good footing when things go awry.
$1450 +GST
If you want an up-to-date, authoritative overview of microwave radio that dispels the many myths that have become mainstream in the industry, then this virtual seminar is for you.
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12-13 MAY 2O21 400+ users and industry experts | 30+ exhibitors | 40 + speakers
November 16, 2021
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Business development manager, Nokia/Committee member of Safe-Net Forum
Steve Hwang is a committee member of Safe-Net Forum. He has 23 years’ experience of telecommunication market since 1997. He is currently working for Nokia and is responsible for business development in global government & Cities segment including end customer engagement, strategic alliance with industry partner and telco operators, in areas of public safety, smart cities, defense and government-driven broadband initiatives. He has a successful sales and business development careers with over twenty-three years in end customer engagement and partnership with MNOs / SI companies in public sector and commercial mobile network business sector. He has been successfully driving the campaign and boosting mission-critical technology and building-up echo system. Steve holds bachelor’s degree in computer science from Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea.
Managing Director, Vicom
Roger has extensive management experience within Australia and Asia in technology related businesses including IT, Telecommunications and Engineering. Currently Managing Director at Vicom, Roger has particular experience in distribution and service related businesses. A Director of ACCF Roger holds a BSc(Physics) from Imperial College London and an MBA from Deakin University.
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