Turning black spots into bright spots #2

Terrestrial LMR (P25, Tetra, DMR et al), HF and 4G/5G mobile radio solutions are proven technologies for voice and data critical communications for the foreseeable future, but where are the bright spots?

Bright spots are those complementary technologies and solutions that provide the opportunity to augment terrestrial radio solution availability, coverage, and capacity, when the critical communications community most needs it.

The second bright spots webinar expands upon the first webinar and has the objective of informing participants of technologies and solutions that are emerging by industry experts who have 7 minutes to get across the key messages.

The second webinar will provide participants with the now and future perspectives of new and emerging high bandwidth-low latency LEO satellite technologies, Nanosatellites and solutions that operate in the stratosphere. This will be rounded out with insight from a user perspective the experiences of the day-to-day experience of using existing satellite systems. A live and interactive panel discussion will conclude the webinar, providing an opportunity for audience participants to ask questions and/or relate their own bright spot experiences and opinions.

Multiple presenters representing various verticals and perspectives, including public safety, power utilities and mining, in addition to vendors offering bright spot solutions.   
Moderated by: Chris Stevens – Managing Director, CartGIS Pty Ltd

Who Should Attend: Managers, engineers and technologists, with a keen eye on, and interest in, future options for solving their critical communications availability, coverage and capacity challenges.

Matthys Witte
Technical Specialist, Powercor
Specialising in data connectivity including private data networks, field based communications and be-spoke connectivity solutions.
Robert Brand
Principal Adviser, Thunderstruck
Robert is the Principal Adviser to ThunderStruck Space. He is an Aerospace Innovator and an aerospace engineer. At the age of 17, Robert was on the Team supporting Apollo 11 from Australia with the feeds from Honeysuckle Creek and the Parkes Radio Telescope. He supported almost every mission from Apollo 11 to STS-7 and a minor support role in Shuttle flights right up to 1985.
Michael Ackland
General Manager, Government and Strategic Projects, Vocus
Michael has over 20 years of experience in the IT, Power, Construction and Telecommunications industries with companies including Powercor, ETSA, Leighton Contractors, Nextgen Networks and now Vocus. Michael has held senior leadership roles in the development of key regional and international fibre assets including: • the rollout of 9,000km of optic fibre cable across Australia in 2010-11 in partnership with the Commonwealth Government under the Regional Backbone BlackSpots Program, • the 2,100km North West Cable System from Darwin to Port Hedland 2014-2016, • the Australia Singapore Cable 2017-2018, and • completed last year, the Coral Sea Cable System, delivered on behalf of the Governments of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Australia, connecting Sydney, Honiara and Port Moresby With a deep understanding of the economic drivers that support investing in telecommunications infrastructure as well as the transformational benefits is brings communities, Michael continues to drive for infrastructure based competition to support the needs and demands of end users into the future.
Kody Cook
Product Lead and Lead Systems Engineer, Fleet Space Technologies
Kody is the Product Lead and Lead Systems Engineer at Fleet Space Technologies - a South Australian start-up developing a global IoT communications network utilising a constellation of 150 microsatellites. He is an experienced multidisciplinary engineer with a demonstrated history working in the mining, space, and aerospace industries. He is skilled in Systems Engineering, Software Engineering and Simulation, Mechanical/Thermal/Electrical Engineering, Robotics and DevOps. Kody is a strong engineering professional with master’s degrees in Mechatronic Engineering from UQ and Space Engineering from UNSW.
Jeff Smith
Head of Connectivity/Next Generation Unmanned Aerial Systems, Airbus Defense and Space
Jeff has spent 25yrs+ in global telecommunications roles, based in NZ, Australia and the UK. Covering technical, business development, strategy and senior Product roles across multiple services and developments. More recently taking these skills into Agile development, Software Defined Networks and Service Orchestration — in 2019 joining Airbus Defense and Space to pursue and drive the innovative approach to developing HAPS/UAS based Connectivity Services to connect the under connected.
Scott Leyonhjelm
Senior Communications Engineer, Nova Systems
Scott Leyonhjelm is a consultant with Nova Systems and has over 25 years’ experience in both academia and the telecommunications industry. Scott has been involved in the design of a broad range of wireless technologies, including Next Generation (3G and 4G) cellular radio and WLAN technologies and providing strategic, due diligence and procurement advice. Between 1990 and 2008, Scott worked in R&D for both University and Industry prototyping technology concepts that in the next phase would be developed into products. Since 2008, he has consulted to the Government, mining, utilities and Emergency Services sectors regarding their digital data and voice radio systems.

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