Turning black spots in to bright spots

Terrestrial LMR (P25, Tetra, DMR et al), HF and 4G/5G mobile radio solutions are proven technologies for voice and data critical communications for the foreseeable future, but where are the bright spots?

Bright spots are those complementary technologies and solutions that provide the opportunity to augment terrestrial radio solution availability, coverage and capacity, when the critical communications community most needs it.

This session will explore the now and future perspectives of a couple of bright spot technology options, together with the real-life bright spot experiences of a system integrator, in addition to users from different critical communication industry verticals. This will be followed by a live and interactive panel discussion, providing an opportunity for audience participants to ask questions and/or relate their own bright spot experiences and opinions.

Multiple presenters representing various verticals and perspectives, including public safety, power utilities and mining, in addition to vendors offering bright spot solutions.   
Moderated by: Chris Stevens – Managing Director, CartGIS Pty Ltd

Who Should Attend: Managers, engineers and technologists, with a keen eye on, and interest in, future options for solving their critical communications availability, coverage and capacity challenges.

Ray Pullen
Radio Comms Manager, St John Ambulance
Ray Pullen started his career in Radio Communications with the Royal Australian Air force where, after initial Communications Training worked on Radar and Ground Communications systems. After leaving the Air Force he then joined the Western Australian Police Force where he spent 12 years as a Radio Technician in the Radio and Electronics Support Unit. After leaving the Police he then moved on to St John Ambulance where after 2 years as a Radio Technician he took on the role of Radio Communications Manager, a position he has now held since 2007. During his time as the Radio Communications Manager at St John he has over seen the upgrade of their Microwave Bearer, voice radio to a P25 system as well as the upgrade of the Data Radio system in the Perth Metropolitan area. In total Ray has over 23 years’ experience with Emergency Service Radio communications.
Angus Cuthbertson
SVP Global Sales, Wireless Innovation
Angus leads global commercial, sales and business development for Wireless Innovation. He has many years of experience in unified and critical communications across the Asia-Pacific region with organisations such as Telstra and Tait Communications. He has led teams in national and regional engagements, as well as working with manufacturers and channel partners to deliver on customer requirements with innovative and cost-effective solutions.
Scott Leyonhjelm
Senior Communications Engineer, Nova Systems
Scott Leyonhjelm is a consultant with Nova Systems and has over 25 years’ experience in both academia and the telecommunications industry. Scott has been involved in the design of a broad range of wireless technologies, including Next Generation (3G and 4G) cellular radio and WLAN technologies and providing strategic, due diligence and procurement advice. Between 1990 and 2008, Scott worked in R&D for both University and Industry prototyping technology concepts that in the next phase would be developed into products. Since 2008, he has consulted to the Government, mining, utilities and Emergency Services sectors regarding their digital data and voice radio systems.
Neil Jamieson
Managing Director, Wireless Innovation
Neil Jamieson offers over 15 years of experience in the satellite communications arena through Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. Neil’s depth of experience enables him to produce specialised solutions for the L Band satellite product portfolio in Australia. Neil has pioneered the Satellite PTT technologies in Australia with a focus on public safety and integration into existing p25 Core networks.
Simon Lardner
CEO, Challenge Networks
Simon is the co-founder and Managing Director of Challenge Networks, a telecommunications system integrator specialising in the design, build and management of small-scale carrier networks around the world. He has over 27 years of international experience in the telecommunications industry. Initially starting his career in AMPS mobile network R&D, he later moved into national and finally global roles in mobile network design, deployment and support. Originally growing up on a farm, he has had the privilege of living in more than six countries and working in more than 40, but is now happy to call Australia home. Simon has a degree in Computer Engineering from RMIT and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.
Sean Lamont
IS Telecommunications Service Delivery Lead Information Systems, Santos Limited
Sean Lamont is the IS Telecommunications Service Delivery Lead at Santos Limited. Specialising in the management of telecommunications activities throughout Santos’s field operations with a focus on strategy, maintenance and continuous improvement. This covers a diverse portfolio of systems including Private LTE and LMR across the Cooper and Surat Basins. Starting as a communications apprentice in the Oil & Gas fields of the Cooper Basin he brings a coal face perspective of remote and regional support as well as over a decade of industry experience.
Sandy Allsop
Founder, joint-owner and CEO, Allsopp Helikites Limited and Airborne Communications Ltd
In 1993, whilst working as a design consultant, Sandy Allsopp designed and patented the Helikite which is the world’s only high-altitude, stable, all-weather, lighter-than-air kite. He has 27 years’ experience of design, manufacture, flight and worldwide sale of Helikites, lighter-than-air aircraft, and aerostat support systems. He designed the Helibase aerostat handling system for the US Air Force and the Helikite Tactical Launch Trailer which are the two standard systems for inflating and flying Helikites with minimal personnel in all weather conditions. Helikites are now manufactured in numerous sizes from 1m3 up to 250m3. They are capable of lifting numerous payloads up to 7,000ft, from land, small boats, or on ships steaming thousands of miles across oceans. Sandy Allsopp is the most experienced Helikite operator in the world and teaches the Helikite handling course for Allsopp Helikites Ltd.
Chris Stevens
Managing Director, CartGiS Pty Ltd
Chris Stevens is Managing Director of CartGiS Pty Ltd, an emergency management, GIS and Mapping and communications consultancy company based in Melbourne. Chris has extensive experience in LMR network design, planning and implementation as well as GIS and mapping application design and commissioning. Chris is an industry leader in systems integration, thinking outside the box and providing client centric outcomes aimed at information sharing and interoperability. CartGIS Pty Ltd also specialises in bespoke training and education for the critical communication community. Chris has extensive qualifications and experience in secondary, tertiary and workplace training and education, which coupled with his communication experience, delivers industry and client focused outcomes. Chris has been the National Lifesaving Communications Advisor to Surf Life Saving Australia since 2011. This role is in an elected volunteered capacity and he chairs the respective national communications working group. As National Lifesaving Communications Advisor, Chris is responsible for advising the states and territories on their operational communications networks as well as formulating national interoperability and business continuity strategies. Chris is also a member of the ARCIA committee, where he convenes the training committees and has been responsible for recent industry advancements in training and education.
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